To prepare for the Small Fry Practices in October the schedule has been updated. Through September the schedule will be:

  • 5-6:00p Beginners
  • 6-7:00p Lift/Conditioning
  • 7-8:30p Practice (Elite Wed/Fri)


SMALL FRY – If you know of a little one that my have some interest in learning the basics of wrestling. We have a program opened up for registration. Rattlers Small Fry is a test run for this area based on some input from Wheeling Wrestling Club. Details are located at:

As of right now the practices will be held at Rattlers in the Beginners time slot. If it grows out of the room we will have practices at Charles Town MS & Jefferson HS.

Once Small Fry begins, beginner members in that age group (PreK-4th) are welcome to stay or come for the regular practice.

Beginners are just that, new with minimal to no experience. If you’ve been coming over the summer this may not be the best option.


RATTLERS BASH – Moved to Oct 15th we still have tickets to sell – $25 a draw or 5 for $100 (gives you 2 Entry tickets) $50 min for Entry. Those entry tickets will be used for door prizes. Info here:



Every other Sunday, starting September 18 from 11:00a to 2:00p. Possibility of guest coaches and all levels are welcome; it will be limited to 28. EPRTC Members $20 and Non-Members $30. Members can sign in a partner for $20.

More details here:

There will not be a separation of skills. Closed Room.


JJWA/Membership – Towards end of November JJWA will be taking over the 5:30 to 8:30 time slots. Small Fry will be completed and reoccurring memberships will be paused. If members are charged in December please stop by or contact Ron. Weight room will still be available during the JJWA practices, if you choose to change the plan let someone know.


WEIGHT ROOM – The weight room is available for 14 years or older anytime we are open. The segmented timeframe is when a coach will be able to instruct. If the wrestler has experience and understands the program or has his/her own they are more than welcome to use the weights as along as there is a coach at the building.

If you have any questions please stop by or reach out to Ron.